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Statute of the Macedonian Mycological Society


Based on Article 20 from the Constitution and Article 5 from the Law on Citizens' Associations and Foundations (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia, No 31/98), at its foundation session convened on 26.10.1998, the Assembly of Macedonian Mycological Society, adopted the following



the Macedonian Mycological Society


Article 1

Macedonian Mycological Society (hereinafter referred to as Society) is an Association of Citizens where on a free and voluntary basis all interested citizens in the Republic of Macedonia shall associate for the purpose of joint realisation of the goals, interests, and activities stipulated in this Statute.

Article 2

This Statute shall establish as follows: the exact name and seat of the Society, the goals and objectives of the Society, the forms and manners of operation, the conditions and the manners of joining and exclusion from the Society, the rights and obligations of its members, the modes of organisation, the Society's bodies, the ways of election of bodies and holders of functions, their duties and obligations, duration of mandate of the bodies, the modes in which the members make decisions, representation and agency in legal matters and with reference to third parties, financing of the Society, acquiring and management of property, ensuring transparency of operation, conditions for foundation of branches (organisational units), termination of the Society's operation, transitional and final provisions as well as other general acts relevant to the functioning of the Society.

Article 3

The exact name of the Association shall be: Makedonsko mikolosko drustvo, in a short form - MMD.

For international contacts and cooperation a translation of the name into English is used: Macedonian Mycological Society, in a short form - MMS.

Article 4

The Society shall be seated at the following address: MACOMO Laboratory, Institute of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Gazi Baba bb, P.O. Box 162.


Article 5

The Society shall have a status of a legal entity, with rights, obligations and responsibilities regulated with the Constitution and the Law.

Article 6

The Society has its own stamp with a round shape containing the name, written in a circle, in Cyrillic: Makedonsko mikolosko drustvo, and the Society's logo is in the middle of the stamp.

The seal has a rectangular form, where in Cyrillic it reads: Makedonsko mikolosko drustvo, No ----------, year -----------.

The Society also has a stamp with a round shape used in the international communication and cooperation, containing the translation of the name into English, written in a circle, in Latin: MACEDONIAN MYCOLOGICAL SOCIETY, and in the middle of the stamp is the Society's logo.

The Society's logo is a stylized mushroom.


Article 7

The Society's goals and objectives shall be as follows:

- Encouragement and organisation of all people interested in study and protection of fungi.

- Participation in ecological and taxonomic, pharmacognostic, and phytochemical study of fungi.

- Commitment to legislative protection of certain fungal species.

- Commitment to prohibition on any use whatsoever of natural resources for specific threatened fungal species.

- Supporting a regime of limited exploitation of the natural resources for certain fungi.

- Participation in compilation of a red list of fungi of the Republic of Macedonia.

- Establishment of the possibilities and quantities of exploitation of certain populations of self-grown, beneficial fungi species, thereby taking into account the conservation of the ecosystem balance.

- Support for cultivation of certain fungi species in order to protect and preserve the natural populations.

- Formation of a mycological collection of the Society.

- Preparation of proposals, programmes, plans, and projects for the Society's own purposes as well as for other entities.

- Training and education of interested entities from the Society's field of operation.

- Development and application of new technologies within the Society's field of interest.

- Organisation of lectures, trips, workshops, congresses, symposia, and other similar gatherings.

- Ensuring advanced training for its members.

- Publishing activity of the Society (publication of brochures, editions, monographs, etc.)

- Notifying the public about the Society's results and achievements.

Article 8

In the implementation of its goals and objectives, no importance will be attached to the national, religious, racial and gender affiliation, and the political convictions. Conversely, the Society shall be opposed to any discrimination and totalitarian tendency whatsoever.

Article 9

For implementation of its goals and objectives, the Society shall collaborate with scientific institutions, non-governmental organisations, the state authorities of the Republic of Macedonia, foundations, agricultural, forestry, economic, and other subjects both from the country and abroad.

Article 10

For implementation of its goals and objectives, the Society shall initiate branches and other forms of lower organisation, thereby gaining the status of alliance. It is the Assembly that shall make a decision on foundation of branches. The operation of branches shall be specified in a book of regulations adopted by the Society's Assembly.

Article 11

The Society shall solely found limited liability companies and shareholding companies, for implementation of its goals, interests and activities, and for financing the functions stipulated in the Statute of the Society.

Article 12

The Society may also perform public authorization delegated by a ministry concerned with the Society's field of operation, in accordance with the law.


Article 13

The membership in the Society shall be individual.

All citizens of the Republic of Macedonia as well as citizens of other countries that accept this Statute may become members of the Society.

A status of a Society's member shall be gained with an application form, and in the event of termination of membership, the application form shall be returned to the former member.

All members shall be registered in a Membership Register.

Article 14

Individuals assisting the Society with their activities or acting in agreement with the goals and objectives regulated with this Statute, thereby providing significant contribution to the Society's operation, shall be proclaimed honorary members of the Society. The decision on proclamation of an honorary member shall be made by the Society's Assembly via acclamation.

Article 15

The Society's member shall have the following rights and obligations:

- Actively and directly participate in the creation and implementation of the Society's goals and objectives.

- Actively and directly participate in the Society's activities.

- Propose and elect Society bodies and be elected in them.

- Regularly pay an annual membership fee.

- Abide by the Society's Statute and actively contribute for accomplishment of the programme commitments.

Article 16

The membership in the Society shall be terminated by:

- Resignation by the member

- Exclusion of the member.

Article 17

The conditions and procedure for exclusion of a member shall be regulated by a general act enacted by the Assembly by a majority of votes out of the total number of representatives.



Article 18

The Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the Society.

The Assembly shall consist of all Society members.

The organisation and the functioning of the Society shall be regulated with the Statute and the Rules of Procedure.

Article 19

The Society Assembly:

- shall enact the Statute, programme, and other acts

- shall adopt annual reports, guidelines, and plans of operation

- shall adopt the final report and the financial plan

- shall make decisions on the alteration of the Society goal by a two-third majority of the total membership

- shall ascertain admission of new members and termination of membership

- shall elect new bodies

- shall decide on foundation and abolition of various forms of organisation in the Society

- shall decide on foundation and abolition of branches and other forms of Society organisation

- shall decide on all forms of association or disassociation or any cooperation with other entities

- shall decide on termination of the Society's work by a two-third majority of the total membership

- shall decide on other issues that do not lie within the competence of the other Society bodies

- shall decide on amendments to the Statute by a two-third majority of the total membership

- shall perform other duties compliant with the Statute and the Society's general acts.

Article 20

The Assembly shall operate through sessions.

The Society President shall convene the Assembly session.

The Assembly session shall also be convened at the proposal by the Society Presidency or by 1/5 of the total number of Assembly members.

Unless the Society President convenes a session within 14 days from the day of the submitted proposal, it is the Society Presidency and the initiators that shall convene and chair the session.

Article 21

The Assembly shall be able to operate provided that more than half of the total number of members are in attendance at the session.

The Assembly shall make decisions by the majority of votes of the attendees, except for certain matters quoted in this Statute, for which it is necessary to ensure a two-third majority for making decisions.

Article 22

Every Assembly member shall be entitled to a single vote.

The Assembly shall decide with public vote.

Secret vote shall be employed in the event of election of Society bodies or when 5 members put forward a proposal for that.

Article 23

The Assembly shall elect the Executive Body, in whose composition the majority of the members shall be citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.


Article 24

The Presidency shall be an executive Society body.

The Presidency shall consist of an odd number of members, at least 5, designated by the Society Assembly. The Society President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected out of the Presidency members.

A proposal for the members and their functions in the Presidency shall be made by the Assembly, and for every Presidency member the voting shall proceed separately.

The mandate of the presidency members is 4 years with the right to re-election.

Article 25

The Presidency:

- shall prepare the Assembly sessions

- shall prepare the Draft-Statute and other decisions enacted by the Assembly

- shall implement the policy, conclusions, and decisions adopted at the Assembly

- shall manage and shall be held liable for the management of the Society property

- shall prepare an annual and periodic report on its operation

- shall execute other duties.

Article 26

The Society President:

- shall organise and coordinate the Society's activities

- shall convene and chair the Assembly sessions

- shall decide on the usage of material resources in the amount determined by the Assembly

- shall represent the Society in legal matters and towards third parties.

- shall perform other duties in line with the goals of the Society's operation.

Article 27

The Secretary shall maintain relations and cooperate with other entities and the public, and shall participate in the work of the Presidency.

Article 28

The Treasurer shall be in charge of the property, the material resources, and the financial operation of the Society, and shall participate in the work of the Presidency.


Article 29

The Society shall acquire funds by means of membership fees, grants, donations, presents, etc. and shall manage the funds in compliance with the Statute.

The Society may also gain revenues from the income of a limited-liability company and a shareholding company that may be founded from the Society's funds and from other sources.

The Society may receive grants from the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia, the budgets of the local self-government units, and the budget of the City of Skopje.

The funding from the previous paragraph of this article may be obtained on the basis of projects previously prepared and approved by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, i.e. the competent ministries, the councils of the local self-government units, and the Council of the City of Skopje.


Article 30

The operation of the Society shall be transparent.

The Society bodies shall be accountable for providing a system of informing the membership, which will make it possible for every member to be informed on the whole operation of the Society.

The Society bodies shall be responsible to ensure a system of informing the public about the Society's activities.


Article 31

The Society shall terminate its operation if:

- The number of members is reduced below the number mandatory for foundation.

- The Assembly makes such a decision at the proposal of 1/3 of the members by a two-third majority.

Article 32

In the event of termination of the Society operation, it shall be the founders of the Society that shall manage the property.

President Dr. Mitko Karadelev

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